Thursday, 20 March 2014

Science Bottles Part 3

So, I found this really cool idea:
Now, I have this habit of seeing something, thinking it looks cool, then I go about trying to make it.
I hardly ever check to make sure I have the appropriate supplies before beginning.  As a result, my version looks a little different.  This was right after I made it, so maybe it will still separate.  If not, it still looks pretty neat.  And shows density too!
And here is what I used:
Light Corn Syrup
Palmolive Dish Detergent
Blue Coloured Water
Vegetable Oil
Baby Oil
Body Lotion
What ideas have you tried?  Any ones you want me to try with common household items?  I will post any others that I do in Part 4.

ALL bottles have been glued shut using hot glue.  This is a VERY important step since inquiring little minds will want to know what is inside, and probably want to know what it tastes like.  If you choose to make these, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are adequately sealed.