Thursday, 17 March 2016

Spring Returns!

Life has been finally slowing down for us after the winter season, which is great!  I can finally let my kids go outside without having to worry about getting snowpant legs over boots, finding misplaced hats, searching for dry gloves, and then hearing "I have to go pee!"  Sometimes it feels like I live in a Robert Munsch book.  I have actually contemplated renaming our little dude to Mortimer!

We are finishing up Kindergarten for Sweetie.  I am so proud of her.  She is already able to read and retain chapter books!  She is a wiz at math.  She picked up the piano way faster than I ever imagined.  And most importantly, she is an amazing big sister.  She loves to try to teach everything she knows to her younger siblings!  She has become quite the little momma hen this last year.

Little Dude is my little tornado.  He is always doing something.  Seldom the things he's allowed to do.  He has such a beautiful soul.  He is a genuinely caring, loving, amazing little man.  I am so  excited to see who he becomes as he grows up. 

And my little Munchkin has really blossomed this last little while.  She has a wicked sense of humor (I mean that literally, her favourite thing to do it bonk people on the head with stuff and laugh like crazy).  She loves to giggle and laugh, and generally spends most of her days doing just that.

After the last couple years, I am just busy soaking it all in.  They won't ever be this little again, so I want to be there for as much as I can.  Which is why I haven't really been focussed on keeping up here.  I want to watch them learn and discover.  I want to get as many hugs and kisses in as I can before it isn't so cool anymore.  I want them to grow up knowing that they are a priority, not a bother, not something I'll get to when I'm done typing.  I won't disappear from here, but I will be continuing to focus on them.  And I'll say hi when I get a chance.  Thank you so much for sticking with me.  I hope as we start our new routine this fall with 2 kids in school, I'll be much more regular!

Enjoy the beauty in today!