Saturday, 5 September 2015

Our Bodies Are Amazing

So, I was getting ready to have a shower tonight, and I looked at myself in the dreaded mirror. Oh, the love/hate relationship that we all have with our reflections. Today was more of a "meh, yep, that's me" kind of a day.


Dun da da...

Yep. My body is amazing.

Not because I have a model body. I'm over 30 and have had 3 kids. Nope, not a model.

Not because I can deadlift....well, anything. I am not a fitness type. More of a get it done kinda gal.

Nope, there is nothing particularly spectacular or notable about my looks. But my body!  Do you know all the things it can do?!?

It carried 3 beautiful, amazing babies to term, and then brought them in to the world.  Don't worry, no gory details about that. Just the miracle that 3 life changing people came out of me.

It can pack a baby on my hip as I clean. Or cook.

Oh, by the way. It can clean. All day long. (Yet another reference to those 3 kids!). And it can chase kids all day long. It stands up, it runs, and walks.  It carries groceries. It laughs. It hugs. It holds people when they need it.

It is healthy enough to do all of these things.

It is pretty amazing. I could probably choose to treat it a little bit better. But no matter what my reflection says, may I always choose to remember what my body really is, not just what it looks like.

And it is amazing. So is yours.

And since we both woke up with a heartbeat, let's see where is takes us today!