Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Science Bottles Part 4 - Magnetic

So, on day 4 of the science bottles series, I will show you my take on the magnetic bottles. 

Sweetie helped me out today!

The first bottle was cotton balls and large paper clips.

Here are the paper clips at the top.

The second bottle it black buttons and left over jewelry pieces.  I make bracelets and bookmarks and have lots of spare pieces.

This is what the button bottle looks like.  You can see the metal at the top stuck to the magnetic wand.

The third bottle is made of plastic pony beads and coloured thumbtacks.

You can see the pink thumbtack at the top.

The 4th bottle is sand and a nail.

These are just the items that I had around the house to use.  These bottles do not need to cost any money, just find something magnetic (could be bolts, screws, nails, etc.) and something else (marbles, cotton balls, plastic items, etc.). 
ALL bottles have been glued shut using hot glue.  This is a VERY important step since inquiring little minds will want to know what is inside, and probably want to know what it tastes like.  If you choose to make these, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are adequately sealed.  Magnets can be especially dangerous if swallowed, so never leave a child unattended while playing with these toys.