Friday, 24 April 2015

I'm Alive!!!

Okay, so I really suck at keeping up on this whole blogging thing. You see, my life constantly gets in the way. Which is good. If I had ample time to blog, the. Something would be wrong in my little world.

So here's what we've been up to.  Last summer, we made the decision to buy out my father-in-law's company.  The takeover date was November first. The same day all our new business contracts would begin. Not such a brilliant idea for the timing of that one for sure. C'est la vie. 

Then snow hit. HARD!  Two feet of snow on the first snowfall hard. Have I mentioned Mother Nature is bipolar in our region?  Yep. Instead of "regular" snowfall, we got 2', then it melted. Then a month later, another foot. Then it melted. And so on and so forth. Until today even. Yep. The 24th of April and the personality changes continue. Seriously, stop laughing. My kids played in the sprinkler in our backyard on Monday because it was so nice out. And today my husband was plotting snow. Ridiculous.

Then I had my last and final baby. My first complication free delivery. Almost. I hemhorraged 2L of blood afterwards, but it was still the easiest one yet, so I'll take it. A beautiful baby girl. Officially a mother to three children. Ohmygoodness!  I was never an evolutionist, but I believe that since moms still only have 2 arms, there is no way that evolution can be true. I would need at least 2 more for that to even vaguely be possible. And who really wants to be related to actual pond scum?!?

So on to 2015. Hmmm......  I survived winter?  I can't really think what we've been up to. Work. Play. Clean. Cook. Sleep (hahahaha).  Repeat. Glamorous, huh?  

I am currently sitting in a hotel room, listening to an old guy hack up a lung. I hate hotel rooms. Too many unfamiliar other people noises. We got up this morning and made the supposed 5 hour drive (which managed to take 11) to a homeschool conference to pick our homeschool curriculum. And hang out with the coolest friend ever. I told her I was coming down and was hoping she could come with me to a conference, and she agreed. Even though she thought she would be sitting in an auditorium with me, holding my kids, trying not to fall asleep through a lecture. Then I told her we were actually shopping with the governments money for books, and she was thrilled.  Then she told me that she still wanted me to know that she loved me enough that she originally agreed to spend a day being bored just to hang out with me.  That's true friendship right there!

Well, I'm off to not sleep.  I'll try to write a little more often!  Ciao.

By the way, since you've had enough time to read this, you probably have enough time to phone someone you love, and tell them you love the.  Go do that now. Before the Facebook distracts you.  :)