Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Today is Your Day

Today started a little different than a normal day for me.  You see, I hate mornings.  I have for almost 3 decades now.  And as a result, my mornings are usually kind of hectic.  Instead of getting up to spend time with the Lord, I lay in my bed until the last possible second, relishing in the warmth and quiet of my bed.

And then I grudgingly get up, get dressed and go upstairs.  Ugh.


Today, I purposed to spend that ever recommended time with him.  It wasn't much really, just reading a daily devotional that's sent to my email every day.  It took just a few minutes to start my day with Him rather than Facebook. 

Then I laid in that ever so cozy bed and caught up on Facebook.  I'm going to baby steps here!  Anyways, it seemed like such an insignificant thing to me, a few minutes with Him.  Could it really make that much of a difference?

I think it did.  I've been suffering from the winter ickies.  No, I don't think that's the technical term!  Just how I've been feeling.  We are just finishing up a LONG cold spell here, which means a lot of close time with my family.  Since I homeschool, this means 24/7 with very few breaks.  And a lot of pent up energy.  Winter ickies.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine suffered an unexpected loss.  And she and her family were handling it with such grace.  But I've been there.  I know how hard those moments hit you.  And I really wanted to help in some small way.  I remembered a post she had made last year on her blog.  It was one of those posts that really hit you.  We've all had those days.  I really felt led to make her something to remember that not today will she be drug down.  Not today should she doubt how much she is loved.  Not today will she forget that she has been brought here for a reason, and she is doing such a great job of being a light in this world.  Well, it arrived.  In what can only be called His perfect timing.  And she had such a great reminder.  Today is the day you've been given.  I've heard that before.  It's even a sign in my kitchen.


So today, maybe you can find a few minutes to purposely spend a few minutes just thanking him for today.  No matter what today has brought you, it's a gift.  You're alive.  You have a purpose.  And He is there, right beside you, just waiting for you to look over and start that conversation. 

If you have a prayer request, I would be so honored to lift you up to him.  You are not alone.