Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I Did NOT Fall off the Planet

I've just been hibernating.  You would probably think with the miserable weather we've been having here (-30 last week), I would have nothing but time to do crafts and then post about it.  And you'd be half right.  We've been doing lots of stuff with the kids.  Even taking pictures.  Then spending my evenings cuddling on the couch with my Hubby rather than telling you all about it.

He's working tonight, so here's a little catch up...

I found this great double sided puzzle at a local second hand store.  The kids played with it for an entire afternoon.  I think Little Dude just loved at the different cars and buses on it, but either way, he still played with it.

It was $1.00 for an afternoon of fun.  Not bad!

This is what the puzzle was.  ^


Little Dude's birthday cake.  I swear he really did get to taste some of it, not just wear it all!

And Sweetie's matching smile!

And then we did these Q-tip painting activities this afternoon.

The idea was to use the Q-tip to stamp in the circles on the letters.

He was way more interested in what the paint felt like, and tasted like.  Maybe we'll call this one a science experiment instead... :)

Sweetie made sure to savour her cookie before working on her sheets!

And there you are.  We haven't done anything amazingly photo worthy the last week, just made sure to cherish the extra family time we were given.  Stay tuned for more!