Tuesday, 2 July 2013


I haven't written on here in what feels like forever.  As I said in my last post, I was doing an online bible study through melissataylor.org.  Unfortunately, I forgot to bring home all of my materials (book and bible included) when I went on vacation.  So that was the end of that bible study.  But, as my husband pointed out, maybe God wanted someone to either be brought back to him, or even introduced to him through the highlighted passages in my bible, or the notes about the book in my journal, or maybe they would read the book (Stressed Less Living by Tracie Miles), and be brought to Him in that way.  So all hope is not lost.  And my next bible study, again through melissataylor.org starts at the end of July.  It really is an amazing group of ladies who lead us, and are so loving and giving.  I feel very blessed to have found their site and encourage others who don't have an easy to get to bible study in their own town to get to, try out theirs.  They are worldwide, with over 12,500 ladies signed up from all corners of the world, there will certainly be someone you can connect with.  And the best part is, you can do it in your jammies, cup of tea at hand, and no one will care! 

I titled this post beginnings because I have spent the last little while looking into homeschooling options for our children.  Our school district is not desirable to us at this point and we feel that our child is best served with personal attention rather than thought of as a number.  I stumbled upon God's Little Explorer's curriculum for only $10, that was based on the stories in the bible in chronological order, with different aspects of learning included.  She goes over the alphabet, shapes, colours and numbers all in a neatly organized package, right down to your day planned out for you.  It comes with all these amazing ideas for learning bags.  And then I was playing online one night looking at other ideas for learning bags and found discovery bottles.  Oh my have I been busy cutting and sorting and washing and experimenting.  And they keep my husband fully entertained.  Lol :)

Now that I feel a little more organized, and the weight of finding learning options for our kids is off my chest, I will be back to writing posts regularly I hope.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, let me know.  I would love to hear from you.

Also, if you have any prayers requests, please leave them below.

Heavenly Father, today I lift up all of those who are struggling right now.  Whether they are struggling to organize their days, or to focus their hearts on you, please help them to follow your path and lean on you.  Help us all to be better organized and focus on your goals for us rather than what can so often distract us from you.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.