Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Beauty in the Broken

I wrote a while ago about choosing the word "peace" as a word to pursue this year. And it would seem as though He is laughing at that plan. I have so badly just wanted to feel peaceful. I don't necessarily mean that I want everything to be perfect, but more that I would be at peace with where I am.

 And I am getting this overwhelming feeling.

Peace is not what I'm meant to pursue this year.
He wants me to be still.

I threw my back out on Friday while grocery shopping. I have a very wiggly toddler who decided she doesn't like to sit in the shopping cart seat anymore. While I held her in mid-air. I heard the pop as she tried to twist away and that was that. 

I have no choice but to be still. Anything else hurts too much!

But I've learned some pretty neat things from my prone position.

I've learned I have the most amazing kids.  They took over the grocery shopping while I shuffled behind the cart. They would ask what was on my list, run and grab it. Then they would return with it, and go off in search of the next thing.   They have made sure to help as much as they can with lifting or moving things.  

My oldest has loved the challenge of stepping up to help with the food prep.  And as always loves feeling more in charge of things. Lol. And she's really shined when she can show us how capable she is, if only we'd let her do those things.
I've learned my extended family rocks. My mother in law came to take my daughter to piano lessons so I wouldn't have to cancel them.  And she's been checking up on me ever since.

I've learned from my prone position that we can sometimes have a narrow view of what's going outside. The kids pointed out that it was snowing and all I could see was the snow swirling up underneath the roof overhang. I marvelled at the beauty of the snow dance I was watching. 

Of course, when I finally moved and saw the blizzard outside, the swirling snow took on a different connotation.  

But it's that way with life, isn't it?  We can focus on showing others how great we are doing. Only letting our friends and family see the things that are going great in our lives.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of the other social media platforms make it easy to share the great moments.  And that’s a great thing, to be able to look back at them.  We aren’t inauthentic if we want to share those precious times.

But the beauty is in letting them see us for our whole self.  Broken, messy bits and all.  Being real with those around us allows for a beauty you can't begin to imagine. 

Not just in the moments when our physical bodies need help, but when our soul's need to be lifted up too. Gaining the privilege of being let in to someone's messy is an amazing gift. 
If you have been hiding behind a rosy-coloured facade, I challenge you to let someone in to see the real you. You would be surprised who He will put in your path. And they might just become the lifelong friend and prayer warrior you've been praying for.

Heavenly Father, I think you for both the blessings and the challenges in my life.  I thank you for breaking me and putting me back together in ways I never would have thought of. And most of all, I thank you for never leaving me to face this life alone.  I pray that those who are longing for you would feel your presence today.  I pray that you would bring a prayer warrior in to their life that would show them You.  In your name.  Amen.