Thursday, 25 April 2013

Love Life

I am continuing my list of blessings today.  I think I could count them every thursday for the rest of my life and still not run out!  I guess that's another blessing! :)

As I have mentioned before, I have an amazing family.  My husband is one of the most amazing people I know.  He is one of those people who are willing to help pretty much anyone anytime.  This is one of the things I love most about him (and yes, that also makes it one of those things that drives me nuts sometimes!)  He is a shining example of service.  And he doesn't hold grudges.  I don't know how he does it.  I could probably teach a college course on grudge holding.  Our marriage is not perfect, but I have discovered that he is perfect for me.  I love him more than words can say and I can't imagine life without him.  I pray I don't have to any time soon.

My children are HUGE blessings in my life.  Every single day they make me laugh, and almost never fail to teach me something new.  And even on those days where I would do almost anything for just a moment of peace and quiet, I wouldn't change it for the world.  And as it was pointed out to me a couple sundays ago, the louder and messier they are, the more grateful I should be.  It means that they are healthy, happy kids.  And do you know how many people pray every day for their kids to have that?  We should never, ever, ever take that for granted.  So rejoice in those finger prints and cheerios everywhere.  Those cheerios also mean that I have food for my children.  How blessed am I that I was just given all of these things?  I am a lucky girl!

My parents are awesome.  They are always willing to help out, or even just lend a shoulder and an ear.  They grew up in a time where most years were a struggle.  Especially with the conditions they were handed at birth.  They are a testament to the fact that life is exactly what you make it.  I am so proud to have them as my parents, and they are a constant reminder that circumstances can be changed, as long as you have love, you can make it through anything.

I have a brother who loves me enough to be honest with me.  I don't always like him for that fact, but he is always just a phone call away, with a shoulder to cry on and knows me enough to give me the right advice.  Even if he knows I am going to hate him for it.  That is love. 

I have an aunt and uncle that are pretty much my second parents.  My aunt is one of my best friends, supporting me through everything I have ever gone through.  I love her to pieces.  And my uncle is a beacon of strength for me.  He was in a rodeo accident decades ago, and was left with a physical handicap.  On top of his learning disabilities, he could have easily given up, like most other people.  But you know what he did? He picked himself up by his bootstraps, worked as long as he could, and when they put him on disability, he went back to school to graduate and become a tutor to people like him.  It's pretty hard to feel defeated with an example like that! 

I am lucky enough to have had a Grandma who was pretty cool.  She loved to play canasta, watch hockey, go to bingo and eat candy.  I fed her "warheads" one day, and for those of you who don't know, warheads are a ridiculously sour candy.  After that, she would never take candy from me again!  She was another one of those ladies that when life kicked her, she kicked back, dusted herself off, and kept going. 

I have had so many awe-inspiring role models in my life, I don't know that I will ever be able to count them all.  I am lucky enough to have known them, learned from them (and am still learning), and loved each and every one of them. 

Heavenly Father, I thank you today for all of the people you place into our lives.  I pray that we take the time to learn what we can from them, and let them know we appreciate them.  I pray that we would be able to be that example to others one day.  Lord, please work in us to show Your love to others, and to depend on you in those times of need.  In Jesus' name.  Amen.