Thursday, 4 April 2013

Not What I Imagined

I was having such a beautiful morning.  I woke up early enough to check my emails, get the kids their breakfast, and even make my smoothie this morning.  I had my baby monitor on, and went down to get the kids right after I finished the dishes.  I went into my daughter's room and told her to pick out her clothes (today is the day we go to the Senior's Village to visit GGPa, and the other residents), and then opened my son's door.  What I saw did not match up with my beautiful morning.  There stood my grinning 16 month old boy, naked, diaper contents strewn EVERYWHERE.  Now, having gone through this with my daughter already, I calmly shut the door, went upstairs, and grabbed my camera.  Now I have evidence for any future girlfriends.  Awesome!  (I have to find a silver lining somewhere.)  And so, instead of the nice, relaxing morning I had envisioned, I gave him a shower, stripped down his crib, washed it and the walls, and then jumped in the shower myself.  Such is life.  And it makes for an entertaining story.  Then there's the ability to totally one-up my husband on his crappy morning complaints (pun intended!).

Still no sales on my Etsy store, but that's ok.  I am still holding tight to the fact that God gave me this creativity for a reason, and that the sales will start rolling in according to His plan.

Today, I will leave with prayers of a peaceful night, and a wonderful Friday leading up to the weekend.  It is raining here, a great start to my garden, and making the dust settle for at least a little while.  Again, if there are any prayer requests, leave them and I will add you to my list!