Wednesday, 13 November 2013

David vrs Goliath - Water Bottle Style!

I know I have not posted much lately, but we have had a house full of sick people, so I have been one busy Mommy and Wife!  Here is what we finally managed to accomplish lately:

This week's lesson is David vrs Goliath.  We read their story in the kids' bible, and talked about how even though David was small, God wanted him to win, and so he did.

Then we tried to knock down our Goliath (a 5 gallon water bottle).  Since we were doing this by throwing bean bags, and since the kids inherited my horrible aim, Goliath never really had to worry about his demise.  He barely even got hit!

My husband really didn't understand my plan until I explained that David would never had won if he had not prayed to God either.  And today we were supposed to pray, then throw those same bean bags and an empty water bottle, an a new example of God's power.  Unfortunately, nap time ran long, and school time turned non-existent.  So maybe tomorrow, we will make that poor water bottle feel our wrath.  Or at least make him slide back a little!