Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Since this week we are talking about how God led Moses and His people through Egypt, providing for them along the way, I have decided to spend today talking to the kids about the Operation Christmas Child boxes I picked up.  God has provided so very much for us, and we are excited to share with those less fortunate than we are.  These boxes have such an impact on the children who receive them, and their families and friends benefit as well.

We often don't realize as Canadians how very fortunate we are.  We have health care provided for us. Yes, we have long waits for the ER, or specialists, or even our family Dr.'s during flu season.  But we have that option.  Our health care system is not perfect, but it is always within reach.

We have so many things we take for granted.  And God has provided so many of those things without us even having to ask for them.  But He also tells us to give out of our abundance.  And I want very much to pass this lesson on to my children.

A simple, fun way to do this is to let them take money out of their accounts, and go shopping at the Dollarama for small toys and other items to bless others with.  And Operation Christmas Child has an awesome website if you want more details about their work.  And their site includes lots of information for you to share with your children too. 

Even if you can't afford to do this (be it time or money) there are so many ways we can start off the holiday season by helping others.  Each day can include a random act of kindness, whether you hold the door open to someone, give a co-worker a compliment, or ask that cashier how she is doing and genuinely listen to her answer.  The holidays are so often a time of stress for everyone, so a small act of kindness can go much farther than you think!