Thursday, 7 November 2013

His Goodness Makes Me Good Enough

I struggle with self doubt all the time.  As a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend and entrepreneur, there are no shortage of things to question my decisions on.

I constantly wonder if I am doing enough for my husband.  Do I appreciate him out loud enough, do I praise his efforts to help me, even when he is exhausted?

Am I making the best decisions on how to teach my children, what to expose them to?  Are they eating enough fruits and vegetables?  Are they learning to share?  Are they learning at all?  What kind of example am I setting for them, without even realizing they are watching? 

Do I spend enough time with my family and friends?  Do I always tell them I love them?  If I lost them tomorrow, would I have said everything I need them to hear?

Am I making the right decisions in starting a small business?  Can I really be effective as a wife, mother, friend and daughter of God if I focus a small amount of my time creating something?  Are people even interested in my product?  Is this all a waste of my time?  Or will I teach my children a great work ethic by example?

Am I giving enough of my time and myself to those causes that I find worthy?

And where do I fit me into all of this so that I don't go crazy in the process of trying to make myself into Super Woman, cape and all?

But God's direction and grace cover me in all these circumstances, if only I take the time to look to him.  His plans for my life are so much more than I could ever even dream of, if I would only trust him and follow him.  His love never fails, so I need to stop striving to be everything to everyone else, and just be his, for even just a few minutes each day.  If I fill up with His love, then I can do all these things and more, if that is what He deems to be part of my journey right now.

What do you struggle with?  I would love to lift you up to God in prayer with whatever you need right now.  Leave me your request in the comments, and I will pray for you my friend.