Friday, 1 November 2013

The Letter I

Well, Mommy has been lazy (again) this week.  We took yesterday off for the transferring of candy.  Since Thursday is the day we go to Senior's Village, we decided to trick or treat backwards, and hand out candy to the residents.  Even Halloween can be used to bless other people!

Today I had a huge list of to-do's, so school was pretty simple.  I had already planned to watch "The Prince of Egypt" today as a special treat after dinner, so we spent this afternoon colouring our wooden letters, then playing with dry erase learning books.  Or mostly colouring on our hands, but learning is learning.

Sweetie picked an orange and blue butterfly as her inspiration for her I. 

Little Dude chose a green and grey frog.  

I is for Insect (or frog)! 

Very pretty!

FROGS!!!  He really liked being able to play with all his creatures this week.

Her orange and blue masterpiece.

Little Dude's "extra" learning.  I always try to make sure he has an extra activity or two easily available for his shorter attention span.

Apparently my "spider" morphed into a cat somewhere along the lines.  My capsules were a little disappointing, but I think the kids were curious what Mommy was doing with those little black capsules.