Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We Did It!!! (Kinda)

It has been a long two weeks at our house with two very sick children under the age of 4.  This means that schoolwork has been pushed to the side in favour of lots of cuddle time (and blowing noses, and medications and rubs...)

But yesterday, we did it!!! Kinda.  We at least managed to read the bible story of David as King, then talk about how God can use anybody to do amazing things.

Then we finished off our Operation Christmas Child boxes (all 7 of them!).  Have I mentioned that I like to shop?  And that I passed that beautiful habit along to my daughter?  Oops.

My poor, pale faced little Sweetie

Little Dude was NOT happy yesterday.  At all. 

Not even his usual "Cheese" smiley face for the camera.

We coloured pictures to include in the boxes.  Then the kids went back to the couch to watch Magic Schoolbus.  At least we accomplished a little.

Not to deliver our treasures!