Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day 3 And Daddy Helped Too!

So today was a little more of a challenge to actually get to the school work.  I decided this afternoon to let the kids go outside and play after nap time.  I am experimenting with that times work best to catch their attention and thought maybe before dinner would work.

Then we had some friends come by.  Then it was dinner time.  Then we finally said goodbye to our friends and had dinner 30 minutes late!

Then it was bath time (spaghetti dinner and mud puddles! oh my!).  Then it was finally school time. 

Sweetie and I watched the YouTube video.  I have to say, not really my favourite way to explain things, but she loved it. 

Then it was time to decorate our "treasure chests".  I found them at our local thrift store and just couldn't resist.  We will have to put larger pieces in a binder, but little treasures will go in here.

We sat down at the table to decorate our treasure boxes with pirate stickers found at Dollarama, and decorate the "X's" for the ABC Banners I made earlier this summer.  These banners are a great way for my kids to visualize the proper order of the ABC's, and know how many they have done as we  will decorate them each week.

Here is Little Dude with his sister's pirate stickers.  His supplies are to the right, he just seems convinced her stuff is always better!

Here is Daddy helping out.

My sticker!  :D

A treasure box is born!

Here is Little Dude's "X".

Here is Sweetie's treasure box all decked out.

And here is Little Dude's "X" all stickered up!

And here is Daddy helping Sweetie with hers!

The "Princess X" is up too!
Stay tuned for tomorrow when we get to experience Sweetie with scissors for the first time, and get to dig for treasure!