Monday, 9 September 2013

DIY Wooden Lacing Cards

As I was searching online for lacing cards, I ran into a roadblock.  I found a lot of them for sale.  And some of them were so cute.  And they really aren't at a bad price either.  Here are links to some if you want to look at the store bought version:

Eric Carle Lacing Cards

Dr. Seuss Lacing Cards

Eureka Animal Lacing Cards

But I am a crafty stay at home mom, so of course I thought I could do this myself.  The DIY lacing cards I could find were all made out of material that in no way would stand up to my Little Dude's destructional forces.

I found some made from cardboard.  That would maybe last an afternoon.

Then I found some made from foam shapes.  I thought those were doable, and less likely to be eaten.  They were fairly easy to make.  All you needed were foam shapes, which are easily found at Dollar stores, and a hole punch.  The problem with making them is the static quotient.  I now have foam pieces stuck all over my craft room.  The second problem was that they are not at all sturdy.

So, off on a search I went.  You've heard of We're Going on a Bear Hunt, well, I was going on a material hunt.  And I found it!

At my local dollar store, I found these.  And yes, I do spend a lot of time there.
Here are the shapes from the package on the left.

Here they are once I drilled holes in them.  I took the shoelaces I had, and chose a drill bit that was just a little bit bigger.

Here they are after my amazing Mother-In-Law painted them.

Let the lacing begin!
P.S. We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a book that we do on the first week of the God's Little Explorers.  That's why it is on my mind.  And I just ordered it today!  I love books!