Thursday, 12 September 2013

Homeschool Hutch

So, you may have read my post about repurposing old furniture.  I mentioned in there that it was going to be used for our homeschool supplies.  And I know when I was searching online for everyone else's cool organizational ideas, I always wanted more pictures.  So here they are:

My pretty repurposed hutch all closed up. 

And all the stuff it hides! :)
These are all my activities for the kids.  You can see playdough, balloons, pipe cleaners, etc.

The bottom drawer holds large piece puzzles and the sheets for my laminator.   I will be filling it up as we go and changing out the puzzles in there.

The top right drawer has paintbrushes, crayons, glue sticks, finger paints, tape, stickers and some travel activities.

These are the travel activities.  They are perfect for putting into your purse for a little quiet time while out with the kids.  They are free printables from this amazing lady:
I printed them out at 1/4 size, then laminated them.
This is the top left drawer.  It has my dry erase felts, pens, pencils, erasers, grippers, calculator, 3 hole punch, index cards, post it notes and prayer cards.

I printed the prayer cards on 1/6 scale I believe.  Here is the link: