Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Homeschool Room

I spent a LOT of time looking at other people's homeschool rooms to get an idea of how and where I wanted to set everything up in our house.  I am blessed enough to have a very large, open concept main floor in our house, so I could set up in one area of the living room.  This meant that I can use our TV for any movies that we watch for any school projects, while still being close enough to the kitchen I can cook dinner and the kids can finish up their work.  Here is how we ended up setting up:

I got Little Dude's desk on our local garage sale website, as with Sweetie's desk.  His has the green frog stool, hers has the ladybug stool.  I found the four drawer organizer at our local thrift site, and the night stand on the right side of the picture was my grandma's.  The desks did not come with the chairs, so I found the storage stools at our local dollar store.

This is showing the ABC banner above.  Sorry for the lack of a view, but it was too sunny out to take the picture with the curtains open.

This is my thrift store find.  It cost me $5, plus a little elbow grease to put it together properly (probably why it was donated in the first place, two of the drawer sliders were upside down!).  A quick wash, and then to stuff it full of school supplies.

The top drawer has pencil cases with scissors, crayons, cloths to wipe down the desks.  There are two missing that the kids were using while I took the pictures that are filled with washable felts.

The second drawer has their colouring books and wipe off boards for the alphabet and numbers to 20.

The third drawer has old newspapers and magazines for cutting up.

The last drawer has toolboxes that I got for the kids.

Inside each are glue sticks, craft sticks, and a paintbrush on the top.

Then finger paints, craft supplies, and a flashlight.

Little Dude's desk up close.  His is a magnetic white board, so he has a magnetic alphabet on his bottom shelf.

The top folds down to a desk surface.  He has room for storage in the back.

His froggy stool that I found at the Dollar store.

Inside is an assortment of dress up items.

Here is Sweetie's desk.

Hers lifts up for extra storage.

And here is her ladybug with dress up items.

Here is the 12 drawer storage cart my husband picked me up while down in Vancouver.  It was a Craigslist find for $10.  We hope to use the workbox system as the kids get older for a little more independence.

Here is my little table and the hutch that was repurposed.

A view from the other side of the living room.  Sorry I didn't clean up.  I wanted to have an actual photo of how it looks like every day.  I get so discouraged by all the other photos I find online where everything is perfectly clean.  That is so not my house.

A closer look at my daughter's ABC banner.

Here are two old windows that I bought for $10 each.  I refinished them to make a place for my kids to display their art work.  His is the orange one, hers is the purple.  We are still finishing the clothespins to hang the art.  I am letting the kids decorate their own clothespins and we will put them on with Velcro after.  This way, we can change them out with seasons, or really, whenever the mood strikes us.  I hope you enjoyed the tour of our schoolroom.
I also happened upon a free legal sized four drawer filing cabinet that I had to buy a new lock for that houses all of our actual paper school supplies.  This year, I have folders labelled for each week with the corresponding activities in them.