Sunday, 29 September 2013

Am I Brave Enough?

Interesting title, I know.  We hadn't yet done the letter "G" for our ABC Banners this week, and I was trying to think of something cool and garden themed.

Then I decided that, if I were feeling brave enough, then on Friday, we would decoupage flower colours onto their wooden letters.

Oh dear.  A LOT of mess.  Sticky, glue based mess.  Could I do it?

I did.  And this is what happened:

I finally got my free bulletin board up.   I put the "treasure" maps up on it, and Little Dude decided this was way more fun to play with.

Here is the decoupage kit I got ready ahead of time.

They each had tissue paper, glue, a paint brush and their letter waiting for them at the end of nap time.

And here is Sweetie's letter drying.

And the finished product.  YAY!