Wednesday, 18 September 2013


A situation arose today that left me battling with myself.  And I had two choices that were both equally unattractive to me.  I had done nothing to deserve this situation.  I had done everything within my power to ward off this situation.  Nonetheless, here I was.  I chose the one least harmful to me and others in the long run. 
But then, I had this inner battle waging within me, you know, those internal arguments we all have sometimes.  I was arguing with myself while hanging up the laundry that I was a good person.  Why me?  What did I do to deserve this?  Why won't this just stop?
I could look at this as choosing the lesser of two evils.  That is certainly what I had been doing.
Or, I could have this little inner battle and have God smack me upside the head with a revelation.  (Actually, that last part really wasn't my choice.  I never really want to be smacked upside the head.)
Anyways, I digress. 
God smacked me upside with an amazing truth.  Jesus came to earth to try to show us the perfect example of how to live our lives in love.  He did nothing to deserve his fate.  But still, he chose to love those who persecuted him and even asked for their forgiveness.
This left me with the thought that I actually had three choices to view this situation. 
Wow, I had a chance to look at this situation as a chance to be more like Him.  What an honor and a privilege.  God was giving me an opportunity to show his love and acceptance to someone else desperately in need of his grace.   All I had to do was adjust my perspective.  This wasn't about what I deserved.  This was about what I could do for him today.  And since one of my favourite sayings points out that we are the only "bible" most people read, I know I should lead by example and do this in love.

We are all given choices each and every day.  What are people "reading" in you today?