Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Improv Is NOT My Strong Suit

So, I actually read ahead for their school plan today and planned.

Now, I am usually a planner, so I do that part rather well. 

Today was re-read the Creation story in Sweetie's bible, then make fruit shaped snacks.  Easy enough.

Right up until your kids decide that since they both have colds, they don't want anything to eat.

Now, as a planner, I do not do a particularly great job of just rolling with things.  Especially when I have already made plans. 

This is where having enough "busy bag" activities to last forever comes in handy.

Out came the play dough to make our own "fruit".  Or something like that.  It was more strings and worms, but it works.

The important part is that they are learning to read (or listen to) the bible each day, and they are working on their imagination and hand-eye coordination.

Or at least this is how I make myself feel better when my plans go awry!