Monday, 23 September 2013

Week 2 Has Started!

Well, actually, due to an argument between my contacts and my eyeballs this morning, we really didn't do that much school today.

When I tried to put my contacts in this morning, my eyes started to sting, then they swelled shut.  So, after I wrestled them back out again, I decided to wear glasses for the day. ;)

This resulted in little desire to organize anything.  So, we read the story from the bible about how God made the world, water, land, animals and people.  Then we made "gardens". 

Tomorrow will be better I hope.  If for nothing else than I won't let my eyeballs and contacts get into another fight.  They are officially in time out until Wednesday.

Little Dude decided cars are way more fun than flowers!

Sweetie LOVED the sparkly flowers!

Cheese!  Little Dude's finished garden.

Little Dude's art display.

Sweetie's finished artwork.

On her art display.