Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Beautiful Day to Fly A Kite

It has been rather blustery around here lately, and my daughter has been asking to fly a kite.  So being the awesome Mommy I am (wink, wink), I decided today was the perfect day to fly a kite.

So, we were all bundled up against the wind, Little Dude in his stroller, Sweetie holding his hand as we walked down the sidewalk in the wind.

And then we arrived at our destination...only to have the wind promptly stop.

Yep, not even a tiny little breeze to make our kite fly over the wind.

So, we explored the school yard instead.

 I love the colours of fall, when the leaves start changing!

And the school just down the road from us (which is closed now), has such neat places for the kids to explore. 

And climb, and practice balancing. 

Then we came home to start our apple project.  I had made mini-felt activity boards as part of the kids busy bags, so we got those out while I got the apples ready for stamping.

Even Little Dude got in on the action.

Apparently his apples were all falling down!

And Sweetie's orchard was pretty full!

Let the stamping begin!

Little Dude ate more paint than got on his paper I'm sure!

Sweetie's finished art project.

And Little Dude with a face full on paint (and hands, arms, ears, smock, jeans...) ;)