Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I Got A New Table!

I got a new table!  Or at least a new to me one.

I discovered that although I hunted, cleaned, and arranged (and re-arranged), my kids would rather do their schoolwork at the kitchen table.

I also discovered that made it difficult if we still have work to do after dinner, because then I would set out their work, help them while making dinner, clean up their work, serve dinner, then set it out again.

So, on a search I went.  I wanted a small table that was big enough to keep the kids at each end, and also big enough for me to work at. 

I found a gorgeous double drop-leaf table on Craigslist with 4 wood chairs.  And they only wanted $80. SOLD!!!

Here is my new-to-me table after the destruction of learning.

We coloured our "A's" from last week red like apples.  We left on Thursday last week so my Hubby, SIL, and a couple of their friends could participate in Tough Mudder in Seattle, and never got around to our letters, so here they are.

Our zoo themed book for this week.  It turns out Mommy is terrible at making elephant noises. 

My table when not in use.  It is perfect for our space.  And it can be pulled out for larger family dinners too!

One of my new chairs.

And Little Dude found my new chair and our toddler Bible.

I just love that both my children have such a love for books.

She finally stood still for a picture!


We are a day late this week because of a birthday party, so will be schooling Tuesday - Friday instead.  Tune in tomorrow to look at our lions and zebras!