Thursday, 10 October 2013

Been There, Done That, Loved It!

I know that I have talked on here before about the online bible studies that I do.  They are free for the study portion (you just have to buy the book they are currently studying), and most of it is done through online communities.  It is sponsored by Proverbs 31, which is a group of simply wonderful women, who love the lord, and love the ladies in their studies.

They are asking today for all of us who have participated in these studies before to let you all know about our favourite part of doing their studies.  So here we go...

I have now finished two studies, Let.It.Go, and Stressed Less Living.  Actually, I almost finished Let.It.Go while on vacation with my amazing husband, who surprised me with a cruise to Alaska.  And I in turn surprised someone on the cruise with my journal, book, and well used bible, as I forgot them in my room!  We tried to get them back, but apparently someone who was on that cruise needed my bible far more than I did!

Anyways, the part I LOVE about their studies is that you can do it anywhere (as long as you keep your materials!), dressed in your jammies, cup of tea in hand.  And if your day falls apart and you have to play catch up, there is no one giving you that know the one - the "you mean you didn't do your homework?" look.  There is no judgement from the leaders.  They are just over the moon excited that you joined in the first place.  As long as you are looking to better your relationship with God, and maybe a few others along the way, then you have already done what they ask of you.  You made a decision to make yourself better.

I regularly blog about my current study in my walk with God, as well as my journey in homeschooling with my children and would love to have you take a peak into my life.  And I would love even more if you would leave a comment on my bible study posts so that I can include you in my conversations with God each day, and lift you up in prayer. 

Now, get your journal, your book, your highlighter, your Bible and your favourite type of tea ready ladies, the journey is about to begin!