Wednesday, 9 October 2013

We Created a Zoo!

This week in God's Little Explorers, we are reading about Noah and the Ark.  Today was all about creating animals, so we played with paint! 

First we made a paper plate lion.

We made two different kinds of "zebras" by cutting out z's from white and black paper, then rolling them in a box with a paint covered marble.

Shake, shake, shake!

Then we coloured a giraffe.

Then we put them in the zoo.  Well, actually, they are drying ON the zoo, but as soon as they are dry, they will be put behind bars!
Sweetie had a sheep from her Sunday school project a while ago, so he got to stay on as an Ark Animal.  In case you are wondering, her lion got to have ears, and she really wanted them on the side of his head.  The black "z" has white labels on it for his stripes.  Momma isn't feeling so great today, so her creativity and patience were a little low, and we all decided to watch some animal friendly shows for awhile instead of more crafts. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where we play with rainbows!