Thursday, 10 October 2013

And The Animals Trotted On To The Ark!

Today, we build an ark!  I have been trying to set up the kids' work the night before so it's a little less stressful in the afternoon for me.  It seems to be working. 

Here is the toddler Bible, a book, some colouring pages, and the pieces for their Ark's.  The playdough is in case Little Dude gets bored.

Snack time!

I cheated a little and cut and glued their ark's for them.  All they had to do was add the animal stickers.  I got the cute stickers in the craft aisle at Walmart for $1.  There were 48 stickers in the pack, making it work for more than just this craft!

Here is our book for today, with a colouring sheet.  We didn't actually colour it today, we just used it for shape recognition as I read the story.

Deer in the headlights?

She loved that some of the stickers had sparkles!

Little Dude lost interest pretty quickly, so I finished his ark while he watched animal noise cartoons on youtube.

Sweetie was still working on her project.

Little Dude watching his cartoons.

And a rhinoceros says "..."

And tomorrow is all ready to go!