Monday, 21 October 2013

Science Bottles Part 1

As I was trying to find something to keep Little Dude independently entertained that didn't involve a massive clean-up, I found something called "Science Bottles".

Then I found Pinterest and searched there.  Oh dear...that was an entire afternoon spent online looking at bottles. 

I have several bottles that I have made, and a lot of pictures to go along with them, so I won't put them all into one post. 

ALL bottles have been glued shut using hot glue.  This is a VERY important step since inquiring little minds will want to know what is inside, and probably want to know what it tastes like.  If you choose to make these, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure they are adequately sealed.

For all of the small bottles, I used the Hawaiian Punch 296 ml bottles.  Wal-Mart has them for around $3/6 pack.  I got these ones so that they would fit little hands, but you could use whichever bottles you have already.

Here they are:

Bottle #1

This is vegetable oil and coloured water.


After 15-20 seconds.

After 45 seconds.

I made these with the same oils, just different food colouring. 

Bottle #2  

This bottle is coloured water and lamp oil.
Lamp Oil is very dangerous.  Please take all necessary precautions if you choose to use lamp oil.

After 10-15 seconds.

After 30 seconds.

After about 45 seconds.

Bottle #3 

This bottle was made with mineral oil and a very small amount of coloured water.

When you shake it, the bottle looks almost completely black. 

This is about 20 seconds after shaking it.

After about 45 seconds, there are still many little "water balls". 
I really like this one because it's unexpected that such a small amount of coloured water can make it impossible to see through the bottle.

I found this neat cleaning case turned water bottle carrier at our local thrift store.

It has all the Science Bottles in it.  Stay tuned for more!