Thursday, 17 October 2013

Starry Night Snacks

You know how they say, "God laughs at our plans"?  Well, that has been my week.  I had a good friend of mine lose her Mother today, so my well planned afternoon to catch up after spending yesterday trying to get my new phone working...didn't happen quite the way I imagined. 

Instead, I made dinner for 15 to take to her place, plus 4 meals that can be frozen and heated when needed, and then 2 dozen muffins so that they have snacks/breakfast.  That took pretty much all afternoon. 

So, school was again a little shorter than the lesson plan says.  So, I improvised...

Instead of painting a starry night with the marshmallows, we made a starry night scene with a piece of black construction paper, coloured marshmallows, apple slices for the moon, and graham crackers cut for tents and logs.

This was kind of the idea.

And here is Sweetie making hers. 

Let's eat stars!

Little Dude's T for his ABC Banner.

Until he got distracted by Paper Bag Princess!

And Sweetie's T.

Up on the banners.