Tuesday, 22 October 2013

C is for Colour

This week's theme is colour, to match Joseph and his beautiful coat.  We watched Joseph King of Dreams yesterday since I was not capable of much more than laying on the couch, but at least the kids could watch something relevant to this week's work.

Since I am feeling a little better today, I set up for learning about colours with the busy bag supplies I had on hand.

Little Dude played with some little dinosaurs from Dollarama, and some balloons filled with play dough.  They feel very squishy!  His job was to sort them to match.

Sweetie's job was to match paper clips to the proper colour paper, and then when she was done, count how many paper clips are on each.

Little Dude just played with the balloons, but you never know what they learn from just participating!

Look Mom!

Sweetie is working on her hand-eye coordination putting the paper clips on.  Then we are going to watch the Precious Moments version of the Story of Joseph.