Friday, 11 October 2013

We Did It In The Morning!!!

I know, I'm a little odd.  After asking all the Momma's from the GLE Facebook group when they were doing their schoolwork, most of the answered in the morning.  Mornings are usually pretty busy for me.  Mondays I work, Tuesday is Grandparents day, Wednesdays are playgroup, Thursday we visit our local Senior's home, and Friday's I have a Mom's Care Group.   All of these activities happen from about 10-12.  And since I am NOT a morning person, that means by default, we school in the afternoon.  The only problem I am having is that after nap time/quiet time, my kids have way too much energy to sit still and listen.  So today, I left Mom's group early to attend a funeral, but the kids were too noisy to stay, so we came home after only half an hour at the church.  And they opted to do school work in the morning so they could have more time to play outside in the afternoon.  Here is what we did:

As you may have read yesterday, I had all their supplies laid out for them already to save myself some time today.  Today's goal was to finger paint the wooden "z's" for the ABC banners, then I will put googly eyes on them when they dry, then make a card for their Aunt's birthday on Monday.

I got the smocks at Ikea a few years ago and they have come in quite handy.  They were only $6 for a pack of 2, so much more cost effective than the store bought options I have found!

Sweetie of course wanted her favourite colour - pink.

Little Dude decided to try out the green for colour (and flavour!).

And the artwork for Aunty's birthday from Sweetie...

And Little Dude.

This afternoon we will hunt for leaves to decorate their artwork gifts, and burn off any energy from nap time. 

Next week's theme is the story of Abraham, "t' for tent, and shape review.  Tune back in on Monday to see how it goes!