Thursday, 17 October 2013

Perfect Love

God is the only true perfect love in my life, although many others strive to be.  My parents would most definitely be the second best example.  They have loved me through a multitude of questionable decisions, horrible heartbreak, and helped my into the daunting task of becoming a parent myself.

I have told many people, many times that although my childhood was not perfect (I doubt any of us had the ideal), I had the most important gift a parent can give.  They loved my no matter what.  It did not matter what I managed to surprise them with, after the appropriate discipline was metred out, I was assured of their love.

It was not conditional on good behaviour, perfect grades, or anything I did, it was just their love.  I hope I can give my children that same gift.

To me, perfect love is just what God gives.  He does not judge whether or not we deserve the love, because honestly, most of us would fall short.  He loves us because he is the perfect parent.