Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Shortbread is Messy!

We are playing with colours this week.  Yesterday we were sorting and counting paper clips, and playing with dinosaurs and balloons.

Those were pretty big shoes to fill for today...what to do, what to do...

Then I received an email that I had been nominated for the Sunshine Award by a fellow blogger, and followed a link from her blog.  This is where I discovered water play with we go again!

Here are their trays all set up to discover colour mixing (food colouring and water).
I have the dinosaurs out from yesterday to try to explain the colour wheel and have Sweetie guess what colour combinations make which colours.

Here she is mixing green...

She made three more green combo's after this.  I think it may have been her favourite!

And here is Little Dude pretty much just playing in the water.  I tried giving them paper to "paint" on, but it kind of disintegrated with the onslaught of three containers of water.

While I was cleaning out my baking cupboard today, I found a shortbread mix.  And some sprinkles, so decided to make some mini shortbread cookies to take to the Senior's Village tomorrow (our volunteer work), and some special colour cookies (hey, two c's), for this week's theme.

Just a note on the cookies...if I had known it would crumble like this, I would have gave them this snack outside, where the dog could clean it up, rather than having to sweep the entire living room.  I also learned that when using pre-made mixes, cover the mixer so as to not spend 20-30 minutes cleaning up your kitchen.  Shortbread is messy!