Monday, 14 October 2013

T is for Tent!

Today, we went back to school in the afternoon.  We had a family dinner yesterday, so I didn't get everything set up in time.  But we certainly enjoyed the time with family, especially those we don't see often enough.

Today is the story of Abraham and "T" for tent.  I found this cool tent at Michael (I think).  It sets up relatively easy, and if my kids are in a good mood, should fit both of them easily.  It is right in front of the TV for some camping cartoon watching after dinner.  It says in the lessons for this week to make holes on a Styrofoam cup to shine their flashlights through, but I decided to make use of my long forgot about punches and used toilet paper rolls instead.

Here are my supplies.

First I cut the paper around the toilet paper roll so that I would know where to put my design.

Then I used my handy dandy star punch.

I put it back on top of the toilet paper roll.

Taped it down all around.

Then as a safeguard again picking, I covered the roll with construction paper on the outside.

I now have a T and a star for each.  I thought this way there would be less fighting about who had which "constellation".
We are watching the story of Abraham that I found on YouTude since our bible does not have this story for the kids.  And we will watch the Magic School Bus solar system episode tonight to learn more about the stars that guided them.
Tomorrow we will move our tent around to demonstrate to the kids how hard it was back then, but they kept following God's directions out of faith in Him.