Wednesday, 2 October 2013

We Have A Wall!

So, yesterday was another day this week where school kind of got pushed aside. 

Why you ask?  Because our retaining wall is finally complete! 

Well, the concrete part anyways.  It is still going to take about a month to get all the dirt put back behind it.  But it's so pretty!

And the beauty of homeschool is that instead of just learning from books, they learn from everywhere. 

We learned that while most people call it cement, cement is actually an ingredient used to make concrete. 

We learned the value of hard work. 

We learned the value of friends and family who are willing to help.

We learned that big trucks are always cool.

This is Grandpa using the pump hose to fill the wall with concrete.

This shows how very large this machinery is!

And here are my handsome hubby, and a good friend of ours hard at work.

Not bad for a life lesson.  And to top it all off, we came inside after it was all finished and read from our Leap Frog books until dinner was ready.  So we managed to fit in "book" learning after all.