Tuesday, 24 September 2013

It's Tomato-tastic!

I decided today, that rather than get ready to plant seeds for the kids, I would show them the other end of the spectrum - the garden. 

The kids both love to come out and "help".  Sweetie usually ends up getting distracted and letting me do the work, while Little Dude usually "helps" a little too much with the harvesting. 

But, alas, at least I can get them involved.  As soon as we got outside and I told Sweetie we were going out to the garden to pick tomatoes, she said, "This is tomato-tastic!".  I don't know where she got that from, but it sure is cute.

And today's interpretation of Week 2 Day 2 went a little like this:

We started out all in the garden picking the orange tomatoes.  Or at least that was the plan!

I actually ended up with quite a few tomatoes this year considering our weather this summer.

And off she goes, "letting" me pick the rest.

And Little Dude helps pick the green ones.

She decided she needed a megaphone to give proper directions to us.

Then she found a dandelion seed head. 

And blew her little heart out.

This is our sad brussel sprout plant.  I have never grown them before, but I don't think we are going to actually get any.

And we have a pumpkin hiding.

And we may even get some more zucchini!

And I found a pumpkin that was even better at hiding.  I must have passed by this one about 5 times before I saw it!


My little helper looking for more treasures.

This was our surprise sunflower.  I think the birds planted this one.

My mom used to call these "indian berries" I think.  They make a beautiful pink colour when you smoosh them.  I didn't let the kids play with it though!

And a surprise strawberry even!  I had to eat this one since it was the only one! ;)